Congratulations to the
2017 Worster Research Fellows!

Worster Summer Research Projects 2017

Andrew Barabas, Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators for Hybrid Quantum Devices
Advised by Jeff Cady (PI: Ania Jayich)
James Chow, Quantum Gas Microscope Development
Advised by Peter Dotti (PI: David Weld)
Aidan Herderschee, Quantum Field Theory and On-Shell Constructibility
Advised by Seth Koren (PI: Nathaniel Craig)
Carlos Kometter, Electronic Properties of Tri-Layer Graphene
Advised by Alexander Zibrov (PI: Andrea Young)
Neeraj Kulkarni, Research Proposal
Advised by Suoqing Ji (PI: Peng Oh)
Avik Mondal, Characterization of Fracture Resistance and Robustness in Network-Based Models of Heterogeneous Biological Materials
Advised by Chantal Nguyen (PI: Jean Carlson)