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Learn about the Nash Metropolitan - a classic car of the 1950s and 1960s. (We have a 1955 coupe, as shown to the left.) Nash was a division of American Motors, which sponsored Disney television programming in the 1950s. As the picture at lower left shows, Disney characters showed their appreciation in TV ads for American Motors. (This link requires the VDO video player, available here.) You can learn more from the Nash Car Club of America and the Metropolitan Owners Club of North America.
Since we're talking about classic cars, visit The Hepcat's Edsel Page to learn about the doomstruck Edsel automobile (and hear an Edsel jingle from 1958 in aiff format). The Hepcat also has lots of cool 1950s stuff for sale. Vintage Car Ads has a large selection of magazine ads for classic cars, for sale at bargain prices.
Classic 1950s road transportation isn't limited to autos alone! Someday we'll own one of these incredibly cute "teardrop" trailers.
In 1932, the fastest airplane in the world was the Gee Bee Super Sportster. Today it's Caroline's favorite airplane in the world. Read about the aircraft's history, see a unique modern replica in action at the Reno Air Races, and visit the cockpit using QuickTime VR. If you don't have QuickTime VR, click here. The Gee Bee is also featured on a set of U. S. postage stamps entitled "Classic American Aircraft" (click here for a picture of these attractive stamps).
Check out one of Caroline's abiding passions.
Learn about The Ninety-Nines, the International Organization of Women Pilots.
Get the latest news from Caroline's home town.
Visit the official web site of the British Monarchy.
Visit a special place in cyberspace for Winnie-the-Pooh and friends.
UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL --- There's a fantastic bed and breakfast in Big Bear, California called Gold Mountain Manor. Wonderful hospitality, a delightful setting, and a lovely and historic building (Clark Gable and Carole Lombard went there on their honeymoon). Check it out --- and if you decide to stay there, tell Bob and José that you saw it on this page!

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