The GLBTQastro Email Distribution List

GLBTQastro exists as a forum for support and interaction between the lesbian, bisexual, gay and trans. members of the astronomical community. Its purpose is to improve conditions everywhere in the astronomical community so that the glbt members of that community can feel comfortable being who they are, without fear of reprisal and are evaluated solely on the basis of the work they do, not on their sexual orientation or preference.

The distribution list is strictly that: email sent to the list is forwarded to all other members on the list. The list membership is confidential and all members are asked to respect that.

How to Join:

To join the email distribution list please send a blank email to GLBTQastro-subscribe[at] An introductory announcement will be forwarded back to you with instructions on using the distribution list. To unsubscribe, send a blank email to GLBTQastro-unsubscribe[at] To post messages (members only), send email to GLBTQastro[at] If you are having difficulties, please feel free to contact rolfdanner[at] for help.


The initial email distribution group formed in November, 1992, as a result of suggestions made between a group of 4 glb astronomy graduate students who happened to get in contact with one another (electronically or in person) over the course of that fall.

In Jan, 1993 a group of glb astronomy folks met and discussed organizing at the Phoenix AAS meeting and another group met at the June 1993 Berkeley meeting.

Since then the group has grown by word of mouth and periodic announcements to various glb-oriented newsgroups and one AAS newsletter announcement to its present size of ~75 members. It includes undergrad and graduate students as well as postdocs, faculty and others in astronomy-affiliated positions. Members often get together in person at AAS conferences and other astronomy meetings.

This file was last updated January 27, 2006