Radioastron Flight Harware
With the Radioastron Spacecraft at the Lavochkin Association near Moscow, 2008.
This machine is now in Earth orbit, and reaches the distance of the Moon about every 9 days.
Read my blog about watching the launch, and progress since then.
The FakeRad software for simulated observations is now available (version 2.0).

Carl R. Gwinn

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Carl R. Gwinn
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email: cgwinn+at+physics.ucsb.edu



Interstellar Levy Flights


Gravitational Waves and Cosmology


119A: Thermodynamics.
The book for this class is " Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics" by F. Reif. There has been only one edition, so any used copy should have the same text.
More details will appear at GauchoSpace:

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