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The Physics Circus is a program to promote science education in local K-12 schools. A group of enthusiastic UCSB Physics Department graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty take a collection of demonstration experiments on the road to nearby schools and present an action-packed learning experience. You can read about the actual demos here.

In today's schools there is a growing need to supplement and improve existing programs in the physical sciences.  The goal of the physics circus team is to introduce and discuss a collection of fundamental concepts in physics using accessible language, familiar experiences, demonstration experiments, and audience participation. We learn a little more each time from the wonderful questions that are asked! Followup tours at the CSEP Science Center at UCSB are available. For more information about the Physics Circus, see this news article.

If you have any questions about volunteering, about the program, or you would like to schedule a show, please contact one of the following:

Program Coordinator: Eric Jones

Faculty Sponsor: Jean Carlson

Thanks for a great year, everyone! Come back in the Fall for more fun opportunities!

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Last updated October 1st, 2014