Fun Physics Sites
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  • Mars Mission Page
    This is NASA's home page to the various missions to Mars. There are lots of pictures and links to Mars science pages, as well as a history of Mars exploration and plans for future NASA projects.
  • Photos from Hubble
    This NASA page has pictures taken by the Hubble space telescope.
  • Messier Catalog
    Charles Messier was a French astronomer of the 18th century. He compiled the catalog of nebulae, galaxies, and clusters of stars that can be found on the web page. The pictures are beautiful and there is a short description of the catalog. There is a detailed description for each picture.

Science Fairs

  • Science Fair Tips
    Here are tips and useful links for students entering science fairs.


  • All about atoms
    This web page teaches you about "atoms," the tiny particles that make up all matter.
  • American Elements
    Loads of information about every single element known to exist, plus lots more on applications to science and technology.

General Physics

  • Physics 4 kids
    This web page explores basic physics in all subjects, starting with motion and going through thermodynamics, light, modern physics, and electricity.
  • Motion at Home
    "Monsters, Motion, and Mechanics" is a web page about special effects and physics.

Special Topics

  • Optics for kids
    A web page about light and optics designed for kids.
  • Ear Guitar
    The Exploratorium shows you how to build an ear guitar. It also comes with an explanation of how the whole thing works.
  • Physics of skateboarding
    At times, skateboarders appear to defy the laws of physics. As this web page explains, this is not so. Learn how skateboarders pull of those ollies and frontside 180s.
  • Soap bubbles
    It turns out that the physics of soap is very interesting. This web page includes a basic explanation of soap and recipes for great bubbles.

For older kids

  • Chaos
    A description of "Chaos" from the Exploratorium. Includes information about their exhibits as well as a glossary of terms and information about chaos and complexity.