Useful Resources

For Volunteers

To volunteer for the Circus, email the Program Coordinator and add your name to our mailing list to find out about upcoming events. Before you can volunteer, you need to have attended a training meeting. If you missed the latest one, please contact the program coordinator to schedule a training session.

If you're volunteering, you might need directions to Schools. You might also want to read the demo scripts, for ideas on how to present the material (but some of them haven't been updated in a while!)

If you're interested in getting UCSB Physics credit for voluteering for the circus, here's what you need to know.

Please note it is not necessary to be enrolled in either class in order to volunteer for the circus.

Click here for the latest schedule. Note that it might not be finalized.

For Teaching Assistants

For the TA running the circus, here's a scheduling form to keep track of show details. Here's a sign up form to use on training and info meetings. Here are the waivers that volunteers need to sign each quarter. Here's a list of past shows the Circus has done.