Here are some classic papers that graduate students will want to read and study.

It's often useful to start with a review article, so read
Galactic Winds by Veilleux, Ceceil, & Bland-Hawthorn, 2005, ARAA 43, 769

These first papers explain how pressure-driven bubbles heated by supernovae grow and develop into free-streaming winds.

1. Interstellar bubbles. II - Structure and evolution
Weaver, R. et al 1977 ApJ 218, 277

2. Superbubble blowout dynamics
MacLow, M.-M. et al 1989 ApJ 337 141

3. Wind from a starburst galaxy nucleus
Chevalier & Clegg 1985 Nat 317, 44

The following paper laid down strong empirical evidence that such outflows exist.

4. On the nature and implications of starburst-driven galactic superwinds
Heckman et al. 1990 ApJS 74 833

And, on the more technical side, here is a description of the caveats inherent to measuring wind properties using absorption lines.

5. Outflows in Infrared-Luminous Starbursts at z < 0.5. I. Sample, Na I D Spectra, and Profile Fitting1,
Rupke, D. et 2005 ApJS 160 87

1. Distance Measures in Cosmology

Astrophysical measurement isn't easy. Develop your skills with these tools.
1. Basic CCD Reduction 2. CLM's Summary of Longslit Reduction
Installment #2....More to come.
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