Douglas Scalapino

Doug Scalapino Contact Information:
Douglas J. Scalapino
Physics Department
University of California, Broida Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530
(805) 893-2871

Career History

1964-66Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Pennsylvania
1966-68Associate ProfessorUniversity of Pennsylvania
1968-69ProfessorUniversity of Pennsylvania
1968-69Visiting ProfessorUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
1969-2005ProfessorUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
2005-presentResearch ProfessorUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Professional Activities (Selected Information)

Consultant to:
Superconductor Techologies Inc., Science Advisory Board1987-present
Los Alamos National Laboratory Condensed Matter Fellow Program1991-2000

Honors and Awards

1964-66Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow
1966Fellow of the American Physical Society
1976-77Guggenheim Fellow
1983Twenty-Eighth Annual Faculty Research Lecturer, UCSB
1991Member of the National Academy of Sciences
1992Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1998Julius Lilienfeld Prize
2006John Bardeen Prize

Other Professional Service

Fritz London Award Committee1971-77
Trustee, Aspen Center for Physics1976-1979
Buckley Prize Committee1980-1981
Associate Editor, Nuclear Physics B1980-1983
Vice-Chairman Elect, Division of Condensed Matter, American Physical Society1981-1983
Chair, Division of Condensed Matter, American Physical Society1983-1984
Associate Editor, Physical Review B1987-1992
NSF Materials Research Advisory Committe1989-1992
Educational Council, Annals of Physics1989-1992
Chair, Condensed Matter Physics Selection Panel, National Academy of Science1992-1994
Chair, Bardeen Prize Committee2000
Chair, UCSD Physics Department Review2002
ETH Physics Department Review2006