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New Phone Instrument Request Form

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Please expect a 2-3 day turnaround, especially during peak periods.
Call us at x8366 if it is an emergency.

Please review the Physics Department Phone Charges information to determine the level of service desired, and review the fee structure.

Basic Information

Name of person requesting phone :
Phone number of person requesting phone :
E-mail address of person requesting phone :
Name of principal investigator associated with this phone :
Phone of principal investigator associated with this phone :
Name as it should appear in the department directory for this phone :

Instrument Location
Note, not all locations are supported.

Room number :
Wallport number (see wallplate):
examples include 5227 N1, 1322 S1, 1001-1, 110C or 107E
Phone jack to use:
DO NOT specify a jack already in use, unless you are just changing information on a phone!

Service Type

Type of service requested:
See definitions for more information.
If transferring or ringing an existing number:
First phone number: 893-
If also ringing an additional existing VoIP number:
Second phone number: 893-
If also ringing an additional existing VoIP number:
Third phone number: 893-
Will this extension need voicemail:
If you wish voicemail to be e-mailed also, please specify e-mail address:
If this extension receives a Fax, please specify e-mail address:

Billing Information

Specify the account number to charge for non-recurring charges (i.e. toll calls)
in the UC location-account-fund-sub format, for example: 8-886455-12341-3
Account: - - -
Do you believe the department will be paying for the recurring charges at this instrument?
See the department policies
Put information here to help us configure the instrument/end-user/account information

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