Gary Horowitz

I am interested in both classical and quantum aspects of gravitational physics. My research mostly focuses on questions involving gravity under the most extreme conditions. These include the big bang in cosmology and the spacetime inside black holes. According to general relativity, these are singularities – regions where Einstein's field equation breaks down. A deeper understanding of singularities requires a quantum theory of gravity.

String theory is a promising candidate for such a theory. I study gravitational aspects of string theory, including black holes in higher dimensions, quantum properties of black holes, and especially quantum descriptions of singularities.
One of the most remarkable insights to come out of string theory is called gauge/gravity duality. This allows one to relate problems in gravitational physics to problems in nongravitational physics. I am currently using this new tool to better understand both quantum gravity and aspects of particle physics.

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Physics Department
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

(805) 893-2742


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