Bibliography - Phys 229A, Beyond the standard model 

Instructor: Steve Giddings

General references

Field Theory and Standard Model Background:

M. Srednicki, Quantum Field Theory


    Review of particle properties


Additional Standard Model background:

     T.-P. Cheng and L.-F. Li, Gauge theory of elementary particle physics (on reserve)


     H. Georgi, Weak interactions and modern particle theory (on reserve)

Grand unification:

G.G. Ross, Grand unified theories (also some SUSY)

Other more specific references

Representations of the Poincare group

P. Ramond, Field theory, a modern primer
S. Weinberg, Quantum theory of fields

Effective field theory

I. Rothstein, "TASI lectures on effective field theory," hep-ph/0308266.
Georgi, op. cit.


Cheng and Li, Georgi, Srednicki

Electroweak interactions and electroweak symmetry breaking

Basics: Cheng and Li, Srednicki
Longitudinal W scattering: Chanowitz (2004) and references therein.
EW chiral lagrangian: Appelquist-Wu.
Higgs model:  see Srednicki or many others.  (For one review with more discussion of partial wave unitarity, and phenomenology, see Reina (2004); for more recent phenomenology see Altarelli (2006).)

Neutrino masses and mixing

Basics: Srednicki.  More details, data, and models: Mohapatra and Smirnov (2006).

Composite models

Chivukula (2000); Lane (2002)
Little Higgs: review and a toy model Schmaltz 2002; littlest Higgs Arkani-Hamed, Cohen, Katz, and Nelson.

Precise electroweak corrections

Appelquist and Wu; Peskin and Schroeder, An introduction to quantum field theory, ch 21.3; Rattazzi (2006).


Basics:  there are many books on supersymmetry and supergravity.  Wess and Bagger is still a standard.  More recent developments, applying powerful holomorphy techniques, appear in Terning, Modern Supersymmetry: Dynamics and Duality.

MSSM; breaking: again, there are many references, one is Dine, Supersymmetry and string theory.  A good reference for  breaking is also Luty (2005).


Books include Ross and Dine (above); briefer reviews are Witten, "Grand unification with and without supersymmetry," and Raby (2006).

TeV-scale gravity

For one brief introduction to TeV-scale gravity and black hole production, see Giddings (2001).