Exploring black holes, quantum information, gravitational scattering, cosmology, and emergent spacetime

March 17-19, 2014

Physics Today, April 2013 (Black holes, quantum information, and the foundations of physics)

ESA (The Plank First Year All Sky Survey)
Online Talks
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Tom Banks
Zvi Bern
Raphael Bousso
JJ Carrasco
Sean Carroll
Fang Chen
William Donnelly
Willy Fischler
Steve Giddings
Dan Harlow
James Hartle
Tom Hartman
Gary Horowitz
Dan Kabat
P. Lubin
Don Marolf
Kyriakos Papadodimas
Joe Polchinski
Andrea Puhm
Suvrat Raju
Vladimir Rosenhaus
Martin Sloth
Mark van Raamsdonk
Aron Wall
Alexander Zhiboedov
and more...
SB Gravity Workshop II

Past Workshop: 
Santa Barbara Gravity Workshop I

Upcoming larger KITP Workshop:Quantum Gravity Foundations: UV to IR 

Supported by funds from the Foundational Questions Institute (, the Office of Science/Department of Energy, and UCSB, and with assistance from the UCSB Physics Department.
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