Greg Salvesen


My research is mostly focused on accretion disks and black hole phenomena. That said, I have worked on various astrophysics topics and have both theoretical and observational research experience. At the moment, I am working toward generating observables from magnetized accretion disks around black holes.

Each thumbnail on this page highlights one plot from each of my research papers. Click away and read the captions for the punchline of each paper.

For the very interested vistor, check out my papers here.

Astrophysics research is a team effort. I've enjoyed working closely with these inspiring and talented folks:

Phil Armitage, Mitch Begelman, Jon Miller, Omer Blaes

Kris Beckwith, Matt Coleman, Mike McCourt, Chris Nixon, Sean O'Neill, Rubens Reis, Jake Simon

If you're interested in potentially striking up a research collaboration, I'd like to hear from you!