Photograph courtesy of Mark Henderson, who took it during the production of the trailer for the 21st Santa Barbara International Film Festival (2006), for which he composed the music. To hear the trailer, click here.


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Louis Grace

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1630 Broida Hall

I hope to think of some interesting things to add to this web page. Most of my efforts at web development, however, go into updating the material in the lecture demonstration web pages, which are at:

From the summer of 2003 to the summer of 2007, I taught (with Prof. Mattanjah de Vries in all summers except for '07) during summer session B a course on environmental chemistry, whose web site you can still find at the link below. My apologies that the menu buttons, which were flash buttons, stopped operating some time ago when flashplayer was discontinued. I have now fixed them, and they all work.


Whenever Rob Geller requests the theremin demonstration (demonstration 60.17 -- Theremin), he makes me play something on it. On one of these occasions, a student made the following drawing:

Here is a photograph of two very sweet cats (Olivia and Oliver, sadly no longer with us) to enjoy: