Everett A. Lipman

  Department of Physics
  Broida Hall
  University of California
  Santa Barbara, CA  93106-9530
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1991–1998   University of California, Berkeley  
  Ph.D. in Physics, 1998
       Dissertation under Professor Charles Townes and Dr. William Danchi:
       Studies of Evolved Stars with a Mid-Infrared Interferometer
   M.A. in Physics, 1993  
1987–1991   University of Chicago  
  B.A. in Physics with Honors, 1991
       Senior thesis under Professor Albert Crewe:
       Numerical Analysis of the Einzel Lens
Positions Held

2010–present       Associate Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara  
2003–2010   Assistant Professor of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara  
2001–2002   Assistant Professorial Lecturer, The George Washington University  
1998–2003   Research Fellow, NIDDK Laboratory of Chemical Physics, NIH  
Awards and Honors

2008   Hellman Family Foundation Faculty Fellow  
2008   UCSB Department of Physics Outstanding Teaching Award  
2005–2006   UCSB Residence Halls Association Outstanding Professor  
2005   Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow  
1991–1994   National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow  
1987   Member, United States Physics Olympiad Team  
Ph.D. Students

2010   Charles E. Wickersham  
2009   Shawn H. Pfeil  

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