Physics Clubs


UDIP is a club committed to creating a welcoming environment within the physics department at UCSB. We work with the department and coordinate with faculty, students, and other clubs to put on great events and provide resources.

Physics Discord

UCSB Physics Discord is dedicated to forming and maintaining an online platform that integrates all aspects of the UCSB Physics undergraduate and graduate education into one cohesive online community.

Physics Circus

For decades the Physics Circus has been a wonderful opportunity for UCSB students to creatively express anything that animates us about physics, in joyful connection with the children of this land.

Women in Physics

The Women in Physics group at UCSB hosts events that promote a positive environment for women in the department, including socials, parties, workshops, mentoring opportunities and guest speakers.

Just For Fun

    Email us if you have something you want put up here!