Numerical Studies of Field Theory

My research involves the use of numerical techniques to study field theory problems in high energy and condensed matter physics. It has involved both studies of specific physical systems and the development of new numerical algorithms. Recent work has focused on the use of lattice gauge theory to carry out non-perturbative calculations in quantum chromodynamics. Specific topics have included studies of the mass spectrum of strongly interacting particles, the weak decays of these particles and the behavior of strongly interacting matter at high temperatures. This research is carried out within The MILC Collaboration, a group with research workers at nine institutions throughout the United States and Europe. The MILC Code, which runs on a wide range of parallel computers and workstations, is freeely available. Recent publications of the MILC Collaboration can be found here

A second major area of interest is the numerical study of strongly correlated electron systems. The aim of this work is to understand phenomena such as high temperature superconductivity, magnetism and heavy fermions through the numerical simulation of the Hubbard, Holstein and related models. This work is carried out in collaboration with Doug Scalapino.

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