PHYSICS 233: Interstellar Medium

Fall 2007

Figure 1 from Scoville et al. 2001, AJ, 122 3017

M51 Imaged by HST in H-alpha, B and V; from Scoville et al. 2001, AJ, 122, 3017

This course covers the basic physical processes that regulate the state of diffuse gas in (and around) galaxies. Topics covered include -- Phases of the ISM; Ionization and Thermal Equilibrium of Gaseous Nebulae; Absorption Line Studies; Spectral Line Formation; Properties of Grains and Extinction; Molecular Gas and Star Formation; Supernova Explosions and Hydrodynamic Shocks. The goal is to develop the background required to understand current research on the interplay between star formation and cosmic gas. Recent papers and review articles will be assigned as readings and discussed in class.



LECTURE: MWF 11:00 - 11:50; GIRV 1108



Prof: Tommaso Treu
10:00 -11:00
Broida 2015-F 893-3503

TA: Victor Sciortino

Course Material:

Physical Processes in the ISM, by Spitzer
Radiative Processes in Astrophysics by Rybicki & Lightman
Reader (available at Associated Students)


Class participation and homework 50%
Midterm 20%
Final Exam 30%

Attendance is required. Please note that there will not be early or make-up exams.

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