Physics 236: Cosmology

  Winter 2013

Cartoon of the History of the Universe

This course presents the student with the standard cosmological model. The theory as well as its observational tests will be presented. Specific topics covered along the way will include, dark energy, dark matter, inflation, cosmic microwave radiation, structure formation, gravitational lensing. 



LECTURES: MW 12:30 - 1:45; HSSB3202



Prof: Tommaso Treu
Broida 2015-F

Course Material:

Galaxy Formation, by Malcom S. Longair


20% homework (click here for a list of homework assignments)
10% class participation
20% midterm
20% presentation
10% participation to students' presentations
20% final

Please note that there will not be early or make-up exams. All exams are open book open note. End of course presentation is mandatory and part of the final grade. Homework is assigned weekly, and due on mondays.

Reading assignments for each week can be found at the lecture schedule. In order to get the most out of the lectures, you must read each assignement before and after the lecture. The lectures will highlight the main points of the subjects, not necessarily cover all the topics in the readings. You are responsible for reading and understanding all the topics presented in the readings.

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