Tommaso Treu


1.   Galaxy Formation and Evolution. In particular early-type galaxies,  galaxies in clusters, and high redshift galaxies. Examples of my research can be found here.

2.  Co-evolution of spheroids and black-holes. Check out the AMUSE-Virgo website.

3.  Gravitational Lensing and dark matter in galaxies and clusters of  galaxies. Examples of my research can be found on the webpages of the LSD and SLACS projects.

4.  Cosmography from gravitational time delays, more details can be found here.

5.  Galaxies at the epoch of reionization, more details can be found here.

For a more accessible description of my research, take a look at the following press releases (and you if you have nothing better to do you can listen to this interview by Mike Shara):

2015. Hubble Sees Supernova Split into Four Images by Cosmic Lens

2012. Abell 383: getting a full picture of an elusive subject

2012. Hubble pinpoints farthest protcluster of galaxies ever seen

2010. Astronomically Large Lenses Measure the Age and Size of the Universe

2008. A cosmic collision and the nature of dark matter

2008. SLACS: the complete ACS sample

2008. A Double Einstein Ring

2007. Tiny Galaxy with Cosmic Telescope

    (see also this link)

2005. SLACS Einstein Rings

2003. Dark Matter in Galaxy Cluster Cl0024

1998. An Extremely Red Galaxy

Research Interests:

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E-mail: tt AT

Professor at UCLA

Affiliate Professor at UCSB

students and postdocs:


Kai Liao (grad)

Charlotte Mason (grad)

Xiao-Lei Meng (grad)

Anna Pancoast (grad)

Andreas Skielboe (grad)

Xin-Wang (grad)

Adriano Agnello (postdoc)

Tucker Jones (CGE Fellow)

Kasper Schmidt (postdoc)


Group Alumni:


Matthew Auger (Cambridge, UK)

Matteo Barnabe' (DARK, DK)

Vardha Bennert (Calpoly SLO)

Marusa Bradac (UC Davis)

Brendon Brewer (Auckland, NZ)

Aaron Dutton (MPIA, D)

Elena Gallo (U Michigan)

Raphael Gavazzi (IAP Paris, F)

Brandon Kelly (Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company)

Philip Marshall (KIPAC, Stanford)

Anna Nierenberg (OSU)

Alessandro Sonnenfeld (UCLA)

Sherry Suyu (ASIAA, Taiwan)

Jonghak Woo (SNU, Korea)


We meet every week to eat pizza and discuss our research on gravitational lensing, galaxy evolution and black holes according to this schedule. If you are interested in attending please e-mail me or Anna P (pancoast AT

If you are looking for a PhD Thesis there are plenty of cool projects to work on. E-mail me if interested.


If you are a PhD Student abroad and you are interested in a visiting position in my group at UCSB feel free to contact me.




Spring 2014: ORIGINS (PHYS43/RS43). Co-taught with Stefania Tutino and Richard Hecht.

Spring 2013: Astronomy2.

Winter 2013: Graduate Cosmology (PHYS236).

Winter 2011: Astronomy1.

Fall 2007: Interstellar medium (PHYS233).

Winter 2014: Cosmology (PHYS133).


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