UCSB Particle Theory

``LHC-2011: Exp/Theo Progress and Prospects''

West Coast LHC Theory Network

- UC@Santa Barbara Meeting

Conference Date: April 15th, 2011
Conference Location:
ESB (labeled "Engineering Science" on parking map) 1001 (9:00am-3:00pm),
Broida 1610 (3:00pm-)
Local Organizers: David Berenstein, Steve Giddings and Tao Liu

The WC LHC meeting at UCSB will focus on progress and prospects of LHC physics, in both experimental
and theoretical aspects. The UCSB experimental group, which plays key roles in the CMS experiment, will
also be involved.





Best Western South Coast Inn usually works best. A block of rooms for the dates of April 14 and April 15
have been reserved. To book a room, attendees need to call the hotel directly (800-3520-3614) and mention
the ``WCLHC theory network''. The rooms can also be booked via email (Sales@santa-barbara-hotel.com).
At midnight on March 18th the rooms that were not reserved will be released.

  Travel Information:

The Santa Barbara airport is next to the UCSB campus. It is conveneint to call a taxi to get to the campus.

  Parking Information (Park in yellow zones)

Note for UC faculty from other campuses: you are allowed to park in our lots free of charge, if you currently
hold a parking permit for your own campus. You need to first visit the Transportation & Parking Services
office and show your parking permit. TPS will then issue a permit for our lots.

TPS is in lot 30, off of Stadium Road (between the soccer and baseball fields). They are open from 7:30am
- 5:00pm. They don't close for lunch. http://www.tps.ucsb.edu/mapFlash.aspx

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