Symmetry and Aesthetics in Introductory Physics

Final Project: Creating a Physics Work of Art

Due June 3rd, the last class.
Reception and public presentation of student work in the UCSB Library, Room 1312 at 4:30 PM on Friday, June 3rd.
Works will be displayed in the UCSB Library, location TBD, starting Monday, June 6th

For the final project, you are to create a Physics Work of Art (or Work of Physics Art, however you choose to look at it), which must illustrate, demonstrate, or explore one or more of the concepts we studied during the quarter. You may use any medium you like.

Prompt: Now that you have learned something about the way your mind works and the modalities in which you are comfortable expressing the ideas we have been discussing, you are going to create a work of art that teaches something to an audience or viewing public about a physics concept that is interesting, meaningful, mind-boggling, or otherwise intriguing to you.

You may use any of the three previous projects as a starting point, or create something completely new.

You may work in any medium you wish, but bear in mind that your work must be able to be displayed in the CCS gallery, the CCS Old Little Theater, or the outdoor space in front of CCS. If you are doing a performance piece (dance or music), you can set your public performance times in the OLT during finals week, and of course perform it for the class Friday, March 13th. You should also prepare a montage of photos with explanation, or set up computer+projector with a video, to be displayed in the gallery.

You need to include the following elements:

  1. Your Physics Work of Art (or Work of Physics Art)
  2. Written assignment:
    1. in writing: Define and describe in words the concept you wish to explore.
    2. in writing: Describe the aspect you wish to illustrate, demonstrate, or otherwise explore.
    3. in writing: Describe the goal you have for your audience what do you want your audience to take away from their experience of your work? How will their understanding, outlook, or lives, be changed by their experience of your work?

I am available to help you in any way I can. Email me, or talk to me after class!

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