UCSB Society of Physics Students

The UCSB Society of Physics Students is an organization of UCSB students united by a common interest in physics. Our SPS encourages students of any physics background to network with fellow students, interact with faculty, explore diverse areas of cutting edge physics research, and consider the broad range of careers a training in physics makes available.

How do I get involved? Excellent question! Join our Facebook group and start coming to meetings! We have meetings and field trips throughout the year and welcome anyone willing to participate.


Part of an email from Jeffrey Stopple: I am writing to ask for your assistance in sharing information on national scholarship opportunities for UCSB’s undergraduate students. Attached you will find a handout providing a broad overview of these opportunities. Please share this with your faculty. As you are likely aware, faculty involvement is essential to our students’ participation and success in national scholarship competitions, and we hope that you will encourage faculty members in your department to review these opportunities and encourage our most outstanding and qualified students to apply. Faculty efforts in identifying, encouraging, and supporting stellar applicants were a large factor in UCSB's recent success in the Goldwater Scholarship: we had two Goldwater recipients and an honorable mention this year, and three recipients last year. This is more than any other UC received. National scholarships of note in the immediate future include the following, which have application deadlines in late summer of this year: Marshall Scholarship (Graduate study in UK) George Mitchell Scholarship (Graduate study in Ireland) Rhodes Scholarship (Graduate study at Oxford University) Schwarzman Scholarship (Graduate study in China) Churchill Scholarship (STEM graduate study at Churchill College) Competitive applications for these scholarships require months of preparation, so it is critical for candidates to plan far in advance. Associate Dean Xaiojian Zhao and Nick Alward-Saxon, Executive Assistant to the Dean, will assist in coordinating campus endorsements and can provide guidance to applicants. Students who are interested in applying for a national scholarship should make an appointment to see Nick or Xiaojian by writing to scholarships@LTSC.UCSB.edu. In addition, we plan to have a workshop this month to share information about national scholarships with interested faculty and students. The event information can be found below, and a flyer is attached to this message. National Scholarships Workshop May 18th, 2017, 3:00 PM SSMS 2135 Our office looks forward to working with you and helping our students to achieve even greater success in national scholarship competitions. For detailed information on national scholarships that require campus endorsement, please see our website: http://duels.ucsb.edu/academics/scholarships/endorsement *Members of the Faculty Selection Committee for National Scholarships* Xiaojian Zhao, Asian American Studies Lisa Park, Asian American Studies / Sociology Heather Stoll, Political Science Jianwen Su, Computer Science ______________________________ Jeffrey Stopple co-Interim Dean Division of Undergraduate Education College of Letters & Science

Updated Monday, May 8th, 2017

Allosphere! - Someday!

One of the most popular events of Society of Physics Students, the Allosphere event provides an out of the world experience for most attendees. The Allosphere is a three story sphere in California NanoSystem Institute. A three dimensional canvas for images and sounds, the allosphere allows researchers to project data onto the walls of sphere to visually and auditorily understand terabytes of data. Please submit an abstract to sps@physics.ucsb.edu to be able to participate in this event.

Updated Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

*Clanging bell* JPL is coming! JPL is coming!! - Friday, April 14th

Everybody, get your space pants on because the JPL trip is set for Friday, April 14th. It will be an all day event so try to get out of whatever less awesome thing you're doing that day and join us at JPL. Reminder: You must have submitted an abstract to go on this trip, so if you haven't presented (even if you already sent in an abstract), please send me an abstract ASAP at sps@physics.ucsb.edu .

We'll be meeting in front of The Habit at 7:30 am and will leave around 8:00 am. This is an all day event, so plan to miss your classes for this day. -Reminders: You must be a US citizen to go to JPL You must bring your government issued ID/ driver's lisence/ passport, etc Also, you must find a ride. You may contact one of the club officers for a ride. If you can drive, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I believe we will be eating lunch in their cool cafeteria, so bring money.

Updated Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

PSR Fellows -Help with Physics from other Physics students!

Wednesdays & Thursdays, 6-8PM, Physics Study Room(Room near the homework boxes.)

Sunday, 6-8PM, Broida 1640!(smaller physics lecture hall behind the huge physics lecture hall)

Updated Tuesday, April 11th, 2017