Undergraduate Diversity and Inclusion in Physics

UDIP is a club committed to creating a welcoming environment within the physics department at UCSB. We work with the department and coordinate with faculty, students, and other clubs to put on great events and provide resources.

Upcoming Events

Updated May 18, 2021

Weekly UDIP Meetings

Weekly on Wednesdays, 6-7pm PST

Join our weekly meetings and learn more about what we're currently doing for the UCSB Physics community!
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Access notes from our previous meetings here.

Women in STEM panel

Wednesday, May 19 at 6pm

In collaboration with the Association for Women in Mathematics, we will be hosting a panel on Women in STEM. Speakers will include Professors Ania Jayich and Guruswamy from our Physics department, as well as Professors Raphaële Clément (CS) and Samantha Daly (Mech. Engineering).

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Spring 2021

Physics Town Hall

Thanks to our new UDIP president, PK, for providing notes on the recent Physics department town hall. Click here to access. From the summary provided by the Physics Department Climate Committee,

"This meeting is intended as a follow-up to the department Town Halls held in June and November. We plan to update all of you on progress made since the last Town Hall and continue the dialogue regarding further improvements we can make together. We also plan to take this opportunity to communicate about upcoming developments of interest to the departmental community, including the spring departmental climate survey and aspects of the anticipated return to in-person instruction next fall."

2021-2022 UDIP Electon Results

Congratulations to our new officers for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year, and many thanks to the officers from our last year!

Warm welcomes to our President, PK, Vice President, Pierre Thibodeaux, Treasurer, Siddharth Mukherjee, and Secretary, Lesley Garcia-Huerta, and best wishes for the upcoming year!

Mathematica Workshop

Thanks so much to Alex Meiburg for hosting our Mathematica workshop! We hope that attending gave you an introduction to Mathematica and its abilities, and that you'll be able to apply it for your future physics career.

For those of you who want to watch our recording of the event, click here to log in with your UCSBnetID. Click here for the notebook Alex worked on during the recording. At the end of the workshop, we handed out a worksheet with Mathematica tips and problems for our attendants to try out, which you can access here.

Paula Huelin-Merino

Many thanks to Paula for her time sharing her experiences! We had a great time hearing about her career path, and how she went from a UCSB physics to her current position as a Rendering Engineer at Framestore in London, UK!

Working in VFX or related industries may be career paths that are not typically associated with physics degrees, but there are lots of options available to physics majors outside of academia or other traditional paths.

For those of you who want to watch our recording of the event, click here to log in with your UCSBnetID.

Microsoft Career Panel

We had a great time hosting Microsoft employees Stephen Jordon, Mariia Mykhailova, Will Labor, and Georg Winkler for a virtual career panel! We heard them speak on their career paths and current work, as well as receieved their advice on getting involved in the quantum computing teams and industry in general.

If you missed the event or want to rewatch, login here with your UCSBnetID to find our recording and event transciption.

Interested in learning more about Microsoft's Station Q at Santa Barbara? Click here to read about the local quantum computing lab.

Throughout the quarter, we plan to continue to host career panels in collaboration with Professor Guruswamy, so please keep an eye out for our future plans.

UCSB Physics Talent Show

Grad life put together a fantastic playbill of undergraduate, graduate, and even faculty talents!

Among the live acts featured were graduate students Sarah Steiger, Will Schultz, and Josh Straub performing dance, graduate student Alex Dorsett performing guitar, faculty Mark Sherwin performing flute, undergraduate Richard Yang performing guitar, faculty Deborah Fygenson performing poetry, graduate student Jamie Burke performing calligraphy, and graduate student George Hulsey performing guitar.

Women in Physics panel

SPS, UDIP, and WiP had the pleasure of co-hosting the women in physics panel. The panelists were Mindy Harkness, Molly Wolfson, Gabi Abrahams, and Dr. Sathya Guruswamy. They had wonderful words of wisdom to share, and the notes on this will be uploaded shortly.

First Generation Panel

UCSB Physics department professors Lubin, Pincus, and Martinis were all first generation professors. Watch students Lesley-Garcia Huerta, and Sean Benevides, both first - generation undergraduates lead the first-gen panel.

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UDIP New Student Panel

Our New Student Panel was highly successful, and we hope that you found it helpful as well!

Click here to access the slides, here to access the meeting transcript, or here to access the chat records!

Undergraduate Seminar Series

Are you curious about applying your skills in a research setting? Looking to branch out of academia and venture into industry? Are you wondering what you're going to do after getting your degree? We're happy to help guide you through these big decisions! Beginning this Fall Quarter, we'll be hosting a seminar series on general application strategies for fellowships, research opportunities, grad school, and industry. We'll be discussing

  1. How to build a strong application
  2. How to write a compelling personal statement
  3. How to build a CV and Resumé
  4. How to apply for summer research opportunities or internships
  5. How to choose a graduate program or job in industry
  6. How to transition from academia to industry
We also plan to host two panels: one with professors from admission committees and the other with graduated students. In addition, several of our sessions will be dedicated to helping students one on one with application materials! This will be useful to seniors who are preparing applications, and students earlier in their career by learning what makes a strong application. If you are interested in attending these sessions, please take a moment to fill out this survey. We are very interested to hear of specific topics you'd like to discuss!


Our New Student Panel was highly successful, and we hope that you found it helpful as well!

  • UCSB SHS is providing free testing for those who show symptoms. Those who test positive MUST quarantinte for 14 days.
  • All students coming back for Fall quarter must quarantine for 7 days.
  • Students throwing or attending parties in Isla Vista will have a one time warning before their institution is notified. UCSB students and organisations will be dealt with accordingly, and peer-to-peer accountability is encouraged.
  • anta Barbara County reported 19 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. There are a total of 172 infectious (active) cases (24 in Isla Vista). Twenty-eight (28) people are hospitalized, with seven (7) patients in the ICU. To date, there are 109 COVID-19 related deaths and 8,803 confirmed cases countywide.

UDIP Requests for the Fall Quarter

UDIP's requests for the Fall included things such as:

  • Free kits for 127AL
  • Extending the pass no pass deadline until week 10 like in fall
  • Improved testing methods
You can view the letter here.
The response from Dr.Campignari has been very thoughtful in that a lot of our suggestions were already being considered, and the kits for Fall were paid for by the last of the departments funds. He also expressed that he will bring this letter up in faculty meetings, and has encouraged future communication. We greatly appreciate this cooperation from the department.

UDIP Requests for Freshman Orientation

Our New Student Panel was highly successful, and we hope that you found it helpful as well!

UDIP compiled a list of reccommendations for improving freshman orientation you can find here. We will be working with advisors to ensure that these are read and maintained. Updates will be posted here.

Access notes from our weekly meetings here