Below you can find information about the WiP committee and female UCSB Physics Faculty, as well as other students, postdocs and recent alumnae involved in WiP. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Please email cnguyen at if you would like to be added to this list.


2016 - 2017 Committee Members

Name Area of Interest Theory / Experiment E-mail Address
Brianna Grado-White Gravity Theory brianna at
Takako Hirokawa Electrical & Computer Engineering takako at
Isabel Lipartito Astrophysics Observation isabel at
Christina Knapp Condensed Matter Theory cknapp at
Claire McLellan Condensed Matter Experiment mcleca8 at
Chantal Nguyen Complex Systems Theory cnguyen at


Name Area of Interest Theory / Experiment E-mail Address
Dr. Jean Carlson Complex Systems Theory carlson at
Dr. Deborah Fygenson Biophysics Experiment deborah at
Dr. Sathya Guruswamy Physics Instruction sathya.guruswamy at
Dr. Elisabeth Gwinn Condensed Matter Experiment bgwinn at
Dr. Ania Jayich Condensed Matter Experiment ania at
Dr. Crystal Martin Astrophysics Observation cmartin at
Dr. Joan Shea Biophysics Theory shea at

Postdocs / Researchers/ Recent Alumnae

Name Area of Interest Theory / Experiment E-mail Address
Dr. Natalie Banerji Polymer Solar Cells Experiment nbanerji at
Dr. Jen Cano Condensed Matter Theory jcano at
Dr. Joann Eisberg Chaffey College   eisbergjoa at
Dr. Moire Prescott Astrophysics Observation mkmprescott at
Dr. Anna Pancoast Astrophysics Observation pancoast at
Dr. Jennifer Ross Biophysics Experiment rossje at
Dr. Eva Weig Condensed Matter Experiment weig at
Dr. Danica Marsden Astrophysics   danica at
Dr. Jatila van der Veen Astrophysics Physics Education Research jatila at

Graduate Students

Name Area of Interest Theory / Experiment E-mail Address
Stacy Copp Condensed Matter Experiment shiffler at
Kristen Flowers High Energy Experiment kflowers at
Amanda Fournier Astrophysics Observation fournier at
Ellie Hadjiska Cosmology Experiment ellie at
Stephanie Ho Astrophysics Observation shho at
Charlotte Mason Astrophysics Observation cmason at
Lia Medeiros Astrophysics Theory lia at
Kimberly Schlesinger Complex Systems Theory kschlesi at


Name Area of Interest Theory / Experiment E-mail Address
Suzanna Ackroyd Biophysics, complex systems, neuroscience   shackroyd at

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