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Click here to see the sumptuous instrument panel --- the oil pressure gauge under the dash is not standard, but the vacuum tube radio (between the two big black knobs) is!

Click here to imagine how you'll look at the wheel of a Metro --- everyone loves the car when they see it!

Click here to see just how small the Metro is --- it fits handily under the wing of a Cessna!

Click here to see the latest addition to our "fleet" --- a 1960 Metropolitan convertible

Click here to learn about the entire line of Nash automobiles for 1954 --- the year the Metropolitan was introduced

Between 1954 and 1962, a small car called the Metropolitan was sold to over 100,000 buyers in North America and Britain. Thousands of these strikingly cute automobiles are still on the road today. One is our 1955 hardtop, built in Birmingham, England for the Nash Division of American Motors. Follow the links below to learn more about these remarkable vehicles, which in many ways were years ahead of their time.

Click here for the latest additions to this page!

Click here to learn about the entire line of Nash automobiles for 1954 --- the year the Metropolitan was introduced
Click here for a brief history of the Metropolitan, from a member of the Metropolitan Owners Club of Great Britain
Click here to learn more about Nash automobiles
Click here to learn about the Nash Car Club of America (NCCA)
Click here to learn about the Metropolitan Owners Club of North America (MOCNA)
Click here to visit the Pacific Northwest Metropolitan Owners Club web site
Click here to visit the 'Hoosier Mets' web site (history, specs, pictures, and more)
Are Metropolitan parts hard to get? Not at all! We heartily recommend our favorite parts supplier, Jimmy and Eve Valentine's Metropolitan Pit Stop in North Hollywood, California...
...And we encourage you to pay an on-line visit to the Metropolitan Pit Stop Museum, including the prototype Metropolitan station wagon and the incredible "Astra-Gnome" concept car
Click here for Brent Havekost's superb collection of Metropolitan parts for sale --- not reproductions, but original Nash production items!
What's the value of a Metropolitan? They're priceless! But for estimated dollar figures, click here for some proposed values from Met expert Brian Cotariu
Visit Torq-O to order "The Met Set" DVD with digitally re-mastered filmstrip presentations about the Nash Metropolitan, a cool font in the postwar Nash style, and a CD-ROM with orphan car sounds, including Nash ads
The Olde Milford Press is the source for a number of fine books about Metropolitans, including Patrick Foster's delightful history "The Metropolitan Story"
Can't afford a Metropolitan? Of course you can! Click here to print out a paper model of a Met...
Click here to see a wonderful collection of Metropolitan photographs and advertisements
Click here to visit Gerald Henry's web site, which has a great collection of links to other Metropolitan sites
Click here to listen to Ron Bertrand's original song devoted to the Metropolitan
Click here for a proposed new car that's almost as cute as a Metropolitan...
Click here to learn about the checkered history of Austin (the English firm that built the Metropolitan) in America
Click here to read columnist Dave Barry's recollections of his father's Metropolitan
Click here to see an incredibly cute toy Metropolitan from the 1950s
Despite its appearance, the Metropolitan isn't designed to go in the water --- click here for a car that can
Is this a rear view of a Metropolitan convertible? Inquiring minds want to know!
Click here to learn about a Metropolitan that dances to music!
Click here for great 1950s clothing, memorabilia, and more
Click here to learn about the literature and culture of the 1950s in America
Click here for an informative history of the American auto industry in the 1950s
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