Some Recent Talks by Gary Horowitz


Spacetime in String Theory (video of a talk at IHES, Paris, October  2017)


Recovering the Spacetime Metric from a Holographic Dual (video of talk at Strings 2016, Beijing, China)


Holography in Classical and Quantum Gravity (slides from a review of holography given at the Penn State meeting in honor of the 100th anniversary of EinsteinŐs discovery of general relativity  (June 2015)


Hovering Black Holes (slides from talk March 2015)


General Relativity and the Cuprates (video of my talk at the Strings 2013 conference in Seoul, Korea)


Why General Relativity is like a High Temperature Superconductor (video of my talk at the Strings 2012 conference in Munich, Germany)


All talks given at the KITP in Santa Barbara can be found here.



Public Lectures


The Power of General Relativity (video of  a TEDx talk given at UCSB in April 2014)


Einstein and the Theory of General Relativity (audio and slides from a public lecture, Jan. 2015)


Strange Views of Space and Time: From Einstein to String Theory (Hamilton lecture given at Princeton University, April  2016)