Steve Giddings

Professor, Department of Physics, University of California,
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
ph: 805-893-4750
fax: 805-893-4750

My recent Scientific American article on black hole information and possible observational tests: Escape from a black hole

An article on the Scientific American blog: "The Event Horizon Telescope, the Hawking Effect, and the Foundations of Physics"

An entertaining and informative book on the deep problems we're struggling with: Spooky Action at a Distance

A collection of video interviews for the PBS show "Closer to Truth," on black holes, quantum spacetime, and observers:

Closer to Truth

A short video celebrating Einstein's birthday and the recent detection of gravitational waves:

Black holes, quantum information, and the foundations of physics (Physics Today, April 2013)

An article on an underappreciated value: The power of silence (from

Large Hadron Collider -- articles for a popular audience

"'God particle' or tip of the iceberg?" (published in the Chicago Tribune)

"What will the Large Hadron Collider reveal?" (published in the LA Times)

Recent conferences and workshops:

Quantum gravity and quantum information, CERN, Mar. 18 - Mar. 22, 2019

Quantum gravity foundations: UV to IR, KITP, Mar. 30 - June 19, 2015

Santa Barbara Gravity Workshop II, Mar. 17-19, 2014

Bits, Branes, and Black Holes, at KITP, UCSB; associated conference: Black holes and information. (see online talks and discussions)

West Coast LHC Theory Network Meeting, at UCSB

Quantum Gravity: from UV to IR, hosted by the CERN Theory Group.

Recent talks and other highlights:

Quantum information in quantum gravity, Quantum gravity and quantum information Institute, CERN, 2019

Black holes as harbingers of new gravitational physics, Sommerfeld Theory Colloquium/2018 Arnold Sommerfeld School, LMU, Munich.

Quantum information transfer from black holes: violent vs. nonviolent nonlocality, CERN Institute "Black holes horizons and quantum information"

Black Holes, Quantum Information Transfer, and Hilbert-space Networks , opening talk at the KITP conference Black holes and information

The problems of quantum gravity: from high-energy scattering to black holes and cosmology, Perimeter Institute Colloquium & Talk at Conference, "IR issues and loops in de Sitter space"

"Black holes in the cosmos, in the lab, and in fundamental physics" CERN Academic training lectures: Lecture 1; Lecture 2; Lecture 3

Quantum black holes at the LHC?

LHC "Safety"


Research interests:

High energy and gravitational theory. Quantum black holes, quantum cosmology/inflation, and other quantum aspects of gravity; fundamental structure of matter and gauge interactions, particle phenomenology, string theory.

Events organized:

Some online lectures:

Some courses:

Press - features/contributions:

Black holes/quantum gravity

Large Hadron Collider - commentary, etc.

String theory and related subjects

Misc. physics, etc.


String Theory online introduction (By my former student, J. Pierre)