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UCSB Astrophysics Seminar Calendar



Thursdays, 3:00-4:00 PM
Broida Conference Room 3302

Winter 2018


Winter 2017

Date Speaker Topic Host
January 4

Sebastiano Cantalupo

(Inst. for Astronomy, ETH Zurich)

What matters around galaxies? Shining a bright light on the cold phase of the circumgalactic medium

Crystal Martin
January 11




January 18




January 25




February 1




February 8




February 15

Xuening Bai


Magnetohydrodynamic-Particle-in-Cell Method for Cosmic-ray-driven Streaming Instabilities

Omer Blaes
February 22

Blakesley Burkhart


Galaxy Evolution in Medias Res: Is ISM Turbulence Produced by Gravity or Feedback?

Omer Blaes

March 1
Feb. 28

(Location: KITP Small Seminar Room)

Chang-Goo Kim

(Princeton U.)

Supernova driven galactic winds and synthetic observations using TIGRESS*

Omer Blaes
March 8

Yan-Fei Jiang


How do the massive stars maintain their super-Eddington Envelope?

Omer Blaes

March 15

Finals Week






Spring 2017

Date Speaker Topic Host
March 29




April 5

Robyn Sanderson

(Columbia University)

Mapping dark matter in galaxies

Omer Blaes
April 12




April 19




April 26




May 3





May 10




May 17




May 24




May 31





June 7

Finals Week






Fall 2016

Date Speaker Topic Host
Sep 28

Drummond Fielding

(UC Berkeley)

Peng Oh
Oct 5

Yan-Fei Jiang

(Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)

Omer Blaes
Oct 12



Oct 19

Daniel Masters


Crystal Martin
Oct 26

Greg Salvesen


Nov 2



Nov 9




Nov 16

Joseph Burchett

(UMass Amherst)

Peng Oh

Nov 23

Day before Thanksgiving




Nov 30




Dec 7

Finals Week





In addition to this seminar, there is a weekly informal talk series for UCSB/KITP astrophysicists to hear about recent discoveries and ongoing research. There are two speakers every Friday from 12pm-1pm in Broida 3302. The calendar is located here:

UCSB Astrophysics Website:

History of Astro Seminars