A Dialogue Between Scientists and Humanists

Course Details

Religious Studies 43 - Physics 43
Spring 2014: TR, 11:00-12:15AM, NH 1105
Enrollment Code: 37887


This course is intended to introduce students to the ways in which different disciplines have addressed the concept of origins. It is organized as a dialogue between science, religion, and history or more broadly onstrued, between science and humanities. The dialogue in the course will be focused around how religion and science raise and answer fundamental questions about the origins of the cosmos. Is the earth a special or unique place? How do science and religion understand time, its beginnings and its ends? What is the place of the human in the universe? Discussion of these questions will not only provide the students with an understanding of some of the main theories, but also with questions of methodology and the epistermological foundation of different disciplines.


Prof. Richard Hecht - Religious Studies
Prof. Tommaso Treu - Physics
Prof. Stefania Tutino - History and Religious Studies

Teaching Assistants

Natalie Cisneros - Religious Studies
Evan Bauer - Physics

Important Reminder

Additional Reading for Prof Hecht's first set of lectures (pdf)
Essay Paper (pdf) due June 5, 2014