Symmetry and Aesthetics in Contemporary Physics

pdf's of Lecture Slides and links to Extra Information

Class slides in .pdf format will be posted here after each lecture

Links to other cool stuff

Lecture slides
  1. Class 1, April 1st
  2. Class 2, April 8th
  3. Class 3, April 15th
  4. Class 4, April 22th
  5. Class 5, April 29 th
  6. Class 6, May 6 th
  7. Class 7, May 13 th
  8. Class 8, May 20 th
  9. Class 9, May 27 th
Some videos showing symmetry in music and dance:
  1. Origami dancing cranes
  2. Interesting video on 12-tonal music and symmetry
  3. Philippine traditional stick dance
  4. Morris dancers performing Long Sword dance
Interesting Links
  1. Identifying the 17 Wallpaper Groups
  2. Carl Sagan: Relativistic Bike Ride
  3. Rhythm Wheels: Make your own rhythms!
  4. A cool Art & Math in Nature site
Links to the 2015 Planck Data Release
  1. Complete Planck picture gallery at ESA
  2. Planck collaboration publications
  3. Official US Planck website at JPL
  4. Extremely cool interactive map viewer at Caltech
  5. Adorable video of the journey of a photon from CMB to Planck
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