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Don Marolf studies black holes, gravitational aspects of string theory, and issues associated with gravity, entropy and entanglement. Black Hole information forms an important part of this work, including refinements of the so-called firewall paradox.

Another sizable component concerns gauge/gravity dualities (e..g, AdS/CFT). 1) How is bulk physics encoded in the gauge theory quantum state? The case of bulk spacetime connectivity (arxiv:1406.2663 and arxiv:1210.3590) is of particular interest. 2) How does the bulk describe thermal transport in the gauge theory?

Other longstanding interests include understanding what is observable in quantum gravity in toy models and effective field theory, gravitational energy, boundary conditions, and quantum fields in curved spacetime.

Marolf's past work has addressed canonical approaches to quantum gravity, finite dimensional models, and certain algebraic approaches to quantum gravity which may be applicable to many theories of quantum gravity, independent of their underlying structure. Some of the most interesting results derived from this approach address the instanton approximation to quantum gravity. Marolf has also investigated spacetime singularities, and the loop representation for quantum gravity.

Marolf's research is supported in part by National Science Foundation Grant PHY-1125915.


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