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Lab Notebook and Report Guidelines

Lecture Videos

Introduction to LaTeX: watch beginning at 26:45.
Introduction to Python plotting: watch beginning at 45:59.

Probability distributions and nonuniform random numbers
The error function and integer histograms

Experiments (click for information)
  1. Soldering
  2. Counting Nuclear Radiation
  3. The Wave Nature of Light
  4. Laser Interferometer

Lab Sessions
All lab sessions begin at 1:00 PM PDT on Zoom.
  1. Monday, June 21: Course Introduction with Prof. Lipman
  2. Tuesday, June 22: Python Plotting with Jesse Held
  3. Wednesday, June 23: Running LaTeX with Jesse Held

  4. Monday, June 28: Holiday - no lab
  5. Tuesday, June 29: Introduction to Soldering
  6. Wednesday, June 30: Small groups: Geiger counter unboxing and assembly

  7. Monday, July 5: Holiday - no lab
  8. Tuesday, July 6: Geiger counter assembly, wiring counter to computer with FTDI cable, and software
  9. Wednesday, July 7: Counting statistics and background subtraction

  10. Monday, July 12: 1 GΩ resistor installation and Geiger tube voltage measurements
  11. Tuesday, July 13: Small groups: counting experiment progress check
  12. Wednesday, July 14: Unboxing, assembly, and testing of light wave equipment

  13. Monday, July 19: Quantitative diffraction measurements
  14. Tuesday, July 20: Small groups: homework problems on interference, diffraction, and coherence.
  15. Wednesday, July 21: Interferometer unboxing, assembly, and alignment

  16. Monday, July 26: Small groups: finding fringes
  17. Tuesday, July 27: Measure bending of steel
  18. Wednesday, July 28: Small groups: bending strength homework problems


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Overleaf (set up free account to use)
Overleaf example
Copy Overleaf project

LaTeX example source
LaTeX example figure
LaTeX example PDF output file

Python plotting script
Sample data file

Integer histogram script:

Python 3.7 Documentation

Library Reference


Other Material

Kinder and Nelson Python book

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