The Gravity Group

Welcome to Gravity Theory at UCSB!

    As Einstein taught us, there is more to gravity than the inverse square law! We in the gravity theory group explore the intricacies of the gravitational field as described through General Relativity and its generalizations. We are especially interested in black holes, gravitational entropy and thermodynamics, quantum gravity and string theory, and quantum cosmology.

    The gravity group benefits from close interactions with other research programs in the UCSB physics department, especially those in High Energy Theory and in Astrophysics and Cosmology.  Gravity group activities include the Tuesday and Thursday joint Relativity/Field Theory Seminar and the Friday Gravity Lunch discussion. These lunch discussions and the annual year-long General Relativity course provide excellent opportunities for students to enter the field.  A constant stream of programs at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics next door adds to the excitement of the research environment.  Have a look at  their future programs.