GradLife Forum

The Grad Forum is an externally hosted site where graduate students can post messages, make suggestions, and advertise social events.

Subscribing to the Forum

Our graduate forum is currently set up as a Google group. Because our first attempt at a forum was receiving heavy spam, we've decided to password protect this one. Its easy to invite yourself -- Here's the details:

Inviting yourself to the group

  1. Acquire the UCSB physics account name and password. These were sent to you by Miles Stoudenmire in a mass email, you can also email Miles with the subject "calendar password" to get this information.
  2. Log into the UCSB Physics Google group by visiting and entering in the account name and the password (which is case sensitive).
  3. Click on the group "UCSB Physics Grad Students"
  4. Click on "Invite members" at the bottom of the right-hand menu.
  5. Enter your email address. You may want to use your "gmail" address if you have one, since the group can then be linked to your email and calendars. Otherwise, you can enter any email address you have.
  6. Follow the instructions in the email you receive, and you're in!
  7. Note -- Please don't post messages or stay logged in under the general UCSB physics account -- this account is for invitations ONLY.