An Introduction to Einstein's General Relativity

James B. Hartle


The main  website for this text is located at  This website contains more frequently updated errata for both the text and the solutions manual. Addison-Wesley has not permitted corrections to the text past the fourth printing.

Which Errata do you need?:
Look on at the bottom of the publication page (the one with a string of numbers ending in MAL. The first number is the printing you have. For instance 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 MAL means you have printing number 2.

If you have printing 1 or 2 you need Err1-2, Err1-3, Err-All.
If you have printing 3 you need Err1-3, Err-All, etc.
If you have any printing past 4 you need Err-All, etc.

The errata for printings 1-3 are divided into two parts: (A) a list of corrections that affect the meaning, clarity, or correctness of the text, and (B) a list of typos, misspellings, punctuation errors, repeated words, etc which do not affect the meaning.


Errata for Printings 1-2 (pdf).

Errata for Printings 1-3 A (changes affecting meaning)  (pdf)

Errata for Printings 1-3 B  (typos, etc) (pdf)

Errata for All Printings (pdf)

Errata for Solutions Manual , (no version number) (pdf)

Errata for Solutions Manual, version 1.1 and previous (pdf)

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Pedagogical Strategy (pdf)

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