Current Research Interest

Advised by Dr. Ruth Murarry-Clay

Starting from Winter 2015, I work under the advising of Dr. Ruth Murarry-Clay at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The work falls into the field of exoplanets theory and simulations—with my work heavily focusing on simulations. Currently, my project is performing simulations of planetary atmospheric winds interacting with their host stars.

Past Research

Advised by Dr. Charles Gammie

From the Summer of 2013 until the Summer of 2014, I worked under Dr. Charles Gammie at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. To summarize my work, I added a non-nonthermal electron population to an accretion disk around a supermassive black hole. This gave rise to increased emission in the near-infrared, which previous simulations did not produce yet are seen in observations. As follows is a link to my senior thesis on the project. Below is an image of a poster created as a result of this work, which doubles as a link to a pdf of it.