Here is a partial archive of notes and presentations I have created. The completeness and correctness of each individual document not guaranteed.

Murray-Clay Group Notes

Collisionless Boltzmann Equation
Alfven Waves
Adiabatic Atmosphere
Hydro Jump Conditions
Effective Potential
Hill Equation
Hydro Wind Shocks
Fluid Equations
Ionization Balance and Parker Winds
Piecewise Parabolic Method

Journal Club Presentations

The Role of the Kozai-Lidov Mechanism in Black Hole Binary Mergers in Galactic Centers (Background+Article Review) Astrophysical Calibration for Gravitational Waves (Pedagogical+Article Review)
Bright but slow, Type II Supernova (Article Review)

Misc. Notes

Cosmology Review
Statistical Mechanic Equation Sheet (Hang in there, baby)