University of California, Santa Barbara

My research is motivated by a desire to better understand our origins, through the study of planet formation and evolution, and to develop a better sense of our place in the universe, through the long-term search for Earth-like planets. In particular, I'm interested in the detection and characterization of directly imaged of exoplanets, brown dwarfs and debris disks (extra solar analogs to our own Kuiper and asteroid belts). My work involves a mix of instrumentation, observation and data analysis. Take a look around the website, and please get in touch if you see anything that interests you! Click here for a list of my first-author publications, or on the ADS icon for a full list.

    News and Travel:
  • I'm hiring a new postdoc to work with me on the Roman Coronagraph Instrument, as well as other instrumentation/observational projects. For more information click here. If you're interested please reach out!
  • I've just completed a much needed website update. Please browse around!
  • Potential Graduate Students: I'm likely to take on a new graduate student in Fall 2024.
  • Come join us at the Workshop on The Impact of Exo-Zodiacal Dust on Exoplanet Direct Imaging Surveys on Sept. 15 at STSci or online. I'll be presenting on behalf of both the post-processing and the obsevational priorities groups. Registration Link.
  • From Aug. 20-24 I'll be at the SPIE Optics and Photonics conference. I'll be giving a talk on "The inner working angle you need to detect ocean glints with HabWorlds", based on a paper that a group of us wrote at a Lorentz Workshop this past winter: link. At SPIE also don't miss talks from students of mine: Sofia Hillman (UCSB Undergrad), Rebecca Zhang (UCSB Grad) and Skyler Palatnick (UCSB Grad).
  • Check out my most recent paper where I wrote a polarization ray tracing code to model the Gemini Telescope and showed that we can detect the polarization aberrations with GPI: link
  • I've finalled updated my news and travel section after a long hiatus! Other Sections will be updated soon!