With a BSc in Electrical Engineering and a BSc in Physics, I have always found astronomical instrumentation to be a perfect match to my interests and training. In general my current instrumentation focus is on the development and implentation of new polarimetric modes for the characterizaition of exoplanets and debris disks, but I'm also interested in non-polarimetric instrumentation and techniques for direct imaging of exoplanets and debris disks. In the pages below, I give some more examples of my current and past instrumentation projects.

In addition to the projects below I am also currently working on implementing a new polarimetry mode for the Keck NIRC2 infrared imager, characterizing the Subaru/SCExAO/VAMPIRES polarimetry mode (see this paper by my student Rebecca Zhang) and planning for direct imaging instrumentation for thirty-meter class telescopes (see this paper by my student Connor Vancil on PSISIM). Most recently I've joined the Roman Coronagraph Instrument project and am co-leading the Data Reduction and Simulations working group.