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General Articles:

April, 2023: The New York Times - A Giant Telescope Grows in Chile

July, 2022: UCSB Current - Keeping the Energy in The Room

March, 2020: Earthsky.org - Will we soon see potentially habitable exoplanets more clearly?

MEC Articles:

July, 2019: Air and Space Magazine - The First Photograph of Another Earth

DARKNESS Articles:

June, 2018: Cold Facts Volume 34, 3 - Researchers Hunting Exoplanets with Superconducting Arrays

May 21, 2018: NBC News - Camera billed as 'world's most advanced' could boost search for alien life

May 17, 2018: Space.com - World's 'Most Advanced' Camera Will Hunt for Alien Worlds

May 10, 2018: Futurity.com - World’s most powerful camera can spot planets drowned by starlight

May 2, 2018: Photonics.com - Camera Can Differentiate Between Exoplanet Light and Nearby Starlight

April 23, 2018: Universe Today - The Darkness Instrument Will Block Stars And Reveal Their Planets 100 Million Times Fainter Than The Star

April 20, 2018: Vice.com - Scientists Will Photograph Alien Planets With the World’s Most Powerful Camera

April 18, 2018: Popular Mechanics - The World's Most Advanced Camera Snaps Pics of Exoplanets

April 18, 2018: The Register - Hello DARKNESS, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again... about a 10,000-pixel alien-hunting camera

April 17, 2018: Astronomy.com - The world’s most advanced camera aims to image habitable exoplanets

ARCONS Articles:

Nov 14, 2013: ARCONS in Gizmodo

Nov 11, 2013: ARCONS in Sky and Telescope

Nov 11, 2013: ARCONS in IEEE Spectrum

July 15, 2013: MKIDs in SPIE Newsroom