Mazin Lab

We have developed a second generation UVOIR MKID readout based on the CASPER ROACH2 board and custom ADC/DAC and RF boards designed in collaboration with Fermilab.

These boards feature:

     Dual 2 GSPS 12-bit ADCs

     Dual 2 GSPS 16-bit DACs

     4-8.5 GHz band reads out 1024 pixels in 2 GHz of bandwith

     Scalable to >30 kpix

     $5-10/pixel exluding FPGAs and HEMTs

A full description of the readout is avaialble on arxiv.

We hope to soon release the designs of these boards with an open source license.  Firmware is already avaialble at: https://github.com/MazinLab/MKIDReadout

Special Thanks to: