Students and Faculty in the Complex Systems group are committed to community outreach, and emphasize communicating science to the public.

Outreach Programs

  • Physics Circus: The physics circus presents physics demonstrations to grade school and middle school students in Santa Barbara and the surrounding communities. Jean Carlson has been the faculty director of the Physics Circus and is a regular participant. Eric Daub was formerly the Physics Circus TA, and several other students have participated in this program.
  • Graduate Student Life committee: Sean Stromberg and Lisa Manning took part in founding the graduate student life committee, which works to provide a positive social environment for graduate students as well as communicate the needs of graduate students to the administration.
  • Women in Physics
  • Women in Science and Engineering
  • The LEAPS program: Several graduate students in the Carlson group have participated in this program which sends science graduate students to teach in middle school science classrooms.