Students and faculty in the Complex Systems group are committed to community outreach, and emphasize communicating science to the public.

Outreach Programs

  • Physics Circus: Jean Carlson is the faculty director of the Physics Circus, which presents exciting, hands-on physics demonstrations to elementary and middle school students in Santa Barbara and the surrounding communities. Many graduate and undergraduate students in the group have participated in this program.
  • Women in Physics: The Women in Physics group at UCSB holds workshops, talks, and social events to promote a positive environment for women in the department. WiP also regularly hosts panels and advice sessions for undergraduates looking to get involved in research or to apply for graduate school. WiP and UDIP (see below) have partnered to initiate mentorship opportunities via small, informal groups consisting of graduates and undergraduates. Jean Carlson has served as faculty liaison for WiP, and current and former group members including Chantal Nguyen, Kimberly Schlesinger, and Lisa Manning have been on the WiP organizing committee.
  • Undergrad Diversity and Inclusion in Physics: UDIP is a student group dedicated to fostering a supportive, diverse physics community through workshops to improve mental health, increasing access to educational resources, raising awareness about harassment and imposter syndrome, and providing mentorship opportunities. Eric Jones runs UDIP's Programming Help Sessions, a workshop series to help physics majors get acquainted with Python, Linux, LaTeX, and more.
  • GradLife: Sean Stromberg and Lisa Manning took part in founding GradLife, which hosts social events for graduate students and communicates the needs of graduate students to the administration.
  • Women in Science and Engineering: WISE promotes equal opportunity for women in STEM and holds career development workshops, social mixers, and more.