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Below is some additional information about the lectures:

Lecturer Title Notes
Abhay Ashtekar Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity through Cosmology Bibliography available here.
Max Bañados Hamiltonian formalism, Regge-Teitelboim charges and some AdS/CFT applications Lecture slides may be found here.
Alejandro Corichi Black holes in loop quantum gravity Suggested reading: "Black holes and entropy in loop quantum gravity: An overview," arXiv:0901.1302.
Scott Dodelson Cosmology
Fay Dowker Discreteness, Lorentz Invariance and Locality: Lessons from Causal Set Theory
Alberto Güijosa Color from Geometry: Some Gauge Theory Applications of AdS/CFT Suggested reading: Gubser & Karch, "From gauge-string duality to strong interactions: a Pedestrian's Guide," arXiv:0901.0935, Mateos, "String Theory and Quantum Chromodynamics," arXiv:0709.1523, Edelstein, Shock & Zoakos, "The AdS/CFT Correspondence and Non-perturbative QCD," arXiv:0901.2534.
Lecture slides may be found here.
Veronika Hubeny The Fluid/Gravity correspondence Supplemental reading: M.Rangamani, "Gravity & Hydrodynamics: Lectures on the fluid-gravity correspondence," arXiv:0905.4352.
Lecture slides may be found here.
Laurent Freidel Spin foam model of quantum gravity Lecture slides for lecture 3 may be found here.
Clifford Johnson Introduction to String Theory Suggested reading: "D-Brane Primer" hep-th/0007170 or the book "D-Branes" (Cambridge University Press 2003).
Per Kraus Introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence
Carlo Rovelli Loop Quantum Gravity Supplemental reading: "A new look at loop quantum gravity," arXiv:1004.1780.
Robert Wald 7/1: Classical Black Holes,
7/2: Black Hole Entropy and Noether Charge,
7/3: Quantum Black Holes, the Generalized Second Law, and the 'Information Paradox'
Lecture slides may be found here.

Lecture slides may be found here.